About Ray
Certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise

Certified boxing coach by USA Boxing

Member of the American College of Sports Medicine

Published and often featured in Menís Fitness magazine

Featured in Experience Life magazine

Featured in Physical magazine

Physical fitness began in my early childhood. I entered into formal martial arts training as soon as I could walk and talk. I also gravitated toward gymnastics while still very young. The martial arts presented rigorous physical conditioning. As a teenager, I was already an instructor. I was a very skinny kid, however, and I found it frustrating to train with bigger and stronger adults. Thatís what provoked my initial interest in weightlifting.

Later, while serving as a soldier and rescue swimmer in the military, physical fitness was a critical job priority. The military exposed me to different modalities of exercise, such as calisthenics, kettlebell training, yoga, and power-lifting. I educated myself assiduously in nutrition, aerobic exercise, and anaerobic exercise. Then, I began entering and winning several body-building contests. People saw my body change so profoundly that I was continually approached with questions about nutrition and training.

Eventually, both men and women asked me to train them in preparation for body-building contests, to get in shape for summer, or to lose pregnancy weight. That was the launch of my personal training career. I discovered that I possessed a gift for training clients, and I loved it so much that I could not imagine doing anything else.

My experience has expanded to encompass a wide range of clientele with various goals, including professional athletes preparing for competitive events, pre and post natal clients facing the challenges of childbirth, post-rehab patients returning to active lifestyles, and the fitness enthusiast who seeks a lean and healthy physique.

It is my mission to stay current on the safest and most effective fitness training regimens available. Long-term health promotion is one of my core principles, and I dispense professional advice that carefully incorporates exercise scienceís newly emerging discoveries.

You can be confident that you will receive excellent instruction from a professional with the knowledge and experience to achieve optimal results.

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